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Calgel Nail Enhancements



Full set of Natural Nail Overlays 

- strengthening and protecting your natural nail...

   £25.00 clear      £30.00 colour    £32.00 french

   or £4.00 per nail.



- depending on your nailgrowth and homecare routine, this would be required every 2-4 weeks.

   £15.00 clear      £20.00 colour   £22.00 french

   or £3.00 per nail


Full set of Extensions with Gel in french £45.00


Full set of Extensions with Gel in colour £43.00


Party nails with french white tips - £25.00

(please note party nails won't last as long as the gel painted in french at £45 but are perfect for special ocassions)


Repairs are charged at £4.00 per nail.


Calgel on Toes

Why not try a stunning Calgel colour on your toes, this lasts up to 8 weeks on your toes looking amazing.  Imagine not having to keep removing and re-doing polish, with Calgel it is such low maintainence and always looks amazing without chipping.  Choose from a wide range of colours.


    Full set of Calgel colours on Toes  £30.00

    Full set of French Calgel on Toes  £32.00


Soak off £10.00....

Although I would recommend that clients soak off their own enhancments at home, using Calaway to enable time for the oils from the products to be completely removed from the nail plate, thus ensuring maximum adhesion and saving you time and money in the salon too.


About CALGEL, the everlasting treatment for hands and feet.......


Calgel is formulated from a blend of organic chemical compounds which produce a unique nail styling product that will enchance your nails safely.


Calgel is also effective when used to strengthen artificial extensions for nail biters and for people requiring an instant extension.


'Colour Calgel' offers all the benefits of natural Calgel with an impressive choice of over 80 lasting colours.


No matter how busy your lifestyle, you can always have fabulous looking nails - naturally!!  Calgel offers you a semi permanent nail colour that will not chip or wear off - and it's great for toe nails too!!   For a change of colour, simply apply polish over Calgel, this can be easily removed with non-acetone nail polish remover and your Calgel enhancments will remain perfectly beautiful underneath.


If you require an appointment please telephone Sam on 07979 591921 or e-mail  I look forward to seeing you soon!

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