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Dermafusion Anti-Ageing Facial Treatments


All Facials  are for 75 minutes and begin with a gentle back massage to start your treatment to ensure you are relaxed before your facial begins.


Caviar - preventing lines & wrinkles

Caviar Facial provides a sumptuous and luxurious remendy for effectively preventing future tell tale signs of ageing, which are seen as lines and wrinkles.  Rich in a trace element which delivers smoothness and elasticity to the skin, the Caviar treatment also encourages new cell and tissue growth.    £45



Matcha - tighten, hydrate, moisturise

The unique working synergy of both the Green Tea Mask and thye Green Tea Cream activate a potent action to effectively remove free radicals that age the skin.  This treatment also hydrates and noticeably diminishes  fine lines & wrinkles.  This results in a more youthful complexion, and a much improved, refined skin whilst preventing future DNA & UV skin damage.    £45



Collagen - the definitive anti-ageing facial

Perfect to fight the first signs of ageing, the Collagen facial boosts the hydration of the skin and delays its ageing cycle.  Collagen is essential to replenish dehydrated skin.  It effectively diminishes fine lines and wrinkles whilst tightening and rejuvenating tired skin to leave it feeling smoother and nourished.       £45



Bofusion  - prevents the signs of ageing

Bofusion is a unique solution for the treatment of mature and stressed skin.  Its exceptional and dedicated formulae contains highly effective Peptides that soften the appearance of lines and wrinkles by relaxing the sub-dermal facial muscles, which are responsible for creating and sustaining the lines that appear on the face and neck, similar to Botox action.                                  £50



Phyto-Estrogen   - prevents collagen loss

This facial is suitable for all skins, but especially for those over 45 or with tired or stressed skin.  Rich in Phyto-Estrogens this facial will prevent and repair Collagen degration to maintain a fresh and youthful skin.   £45



Radiance - brightening & balancing

The Radiance facial brings a fresh, youthful, brightening balance to all skin types.  Over exposure to sun, pollution, Acne, pregnanacy and the ageing process will in many cases initiate uneven skin tones, age spots, dull, mottled and lined skin.  Radiance will effectively treat these conditions, or simply achieve a brighter, more balanced and toned complexion.                   £45



Detox & Firming Facial

The exceptional synergy of the Green Tea Peel Off Mask & Kiwi creates a potent action that relaxes skin tensions.  They intensively replenish dehydrated and ageing skin, whilst repairing the tissue.  Moisture is locked in and pores tightened to deliver a much younger more refined skin.              £45



Bio-Balancing - problem skin

Idea for oily, acned or sensitive skins, this facial purifies, tightens and fortifies the epidermis whlst harmonising and balancing the skins pH.  The specific blend of ingredients comforts the skin and reduces redness and sensitivity.  £45