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Karin Herzog Oxygen Facials

Pore Draw

Manual Extraction Facial


The most effective and hygienic manual extraction facial. Oxygen sterilises the therapist’s hands and the client’s skin. Blackheads, white heads and even Mila can be extracted leaving the skin brighter, clearer fresher and visibly improved. Suitable for even young and sensitive skin to really provide a deep cleanse. A real urban rescue remedy.   75 minutes £50


Peel & Plump

A fabulous 30 minute facial with staggering results.

Using a safe and gentle glycolic acid, rose essential oil and Herzog’s patented and proven Oxygen therapy. This treatment revives tired looking skin, helps soften fine lines, hydrates and plumps.   30 minutes £25


Skin is Lifted and toned, elasticity is improved and the complexion looks brighter. Stimulates cell renewal whilst simultaneously decongesting. Essential for dry, mature skin, pigmentation problems, acne scaring or general lack-lustre skin. Brilliant as an advanced beauty aid before a special occasion!


Spring Clean Facial

Our recommended facial for teenage skin.

A deeply cleansing facial to balance and detox young, imbalanced, hormonal complexions. The skin is cleansed, exfoliated and massaged before our world patented oxygen therapy works to brighten the skin and calm down over active sebaceous glands. Skin looks visibly brighter and feels instantly deep down clean and refreshed.  


Suitable for all skin types, even very young skin and is a brilliant introduction to professional treatments and an effective skin care regime for teenagers.

45 minutes £35 or 75 minutes £45


The Smoothie

Luxury hydrating and balancing facial

Hand’s on treatment incorporating oxygen, water, vitamins and gentle but effective super fruit enzymes of orange, mandarin, grapefruit and grapes.


A high performance anti-ageing maintenance facial to ensure the skin stays firm, hydrated and lifted. A face-lifting facial with radiance that is both instant and long lasting.


Suitable for all skin types including those with heightened sensitivity. Excellent at restoring the natural balance and health of the skin and for treating many common disorders including Rosacea, dermatitis, eczema and many more.    75 minutes £50


The Original Oxygen & Chocolate Facial

Developed in 2001, the enormous and glowing press coverage that followed this facial has given rise to the new chocolate therapy, rapidly spreading across the World.


As the pioneers and originators of this revolution we emphasise that unless combined with Herzog’s World leading, patented and clinically proven Oxygen delivery system, chocolate therapy is no more than superficial! The fusion of Chocolate and Oxygen lie at the core of the unparalleled results and success of this treatment and its advanced anti-ageing properties!


A potent and highly charged hands-on facial. Chocolate is just bursting with natural health and goodness: Anti-Oxidants, vitamins, trace elements, hormone balancing minerals and lipids to super hydrate and lift, whist Herzog’s Oxygen delivery provides the pure raw power needed to fully utilise all of the luscious raw ingredients from the chocolate, and further provide detoxification, clarity, elasticity, health and rejuvenation.   75 minutes £50