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The Sonopeel system allows for both deep peeling and regeneration of the skin applying 28,000 oscillations per second to swiftly and effectively peel the skin. It will transform dull , matt skin to silk in as little as 25 mins. A gentler alternative to micro-dermabrasion and a must pre-makeup treatment to achieve a flawless finish.


Single treatment £35.00

Course of six £180.00


This treatment is great for:

*Blocked pores

*Stretch marks

*Acne Scarring


*Fine Lines & Wrinkles.

*Pre-Wedding/Party to ensure your skin looks amazing for your special day.


This treatment system is both comfortable and pleasant. You have no undesirable side effects to the skin like those caused by the more aggressive and invasive treatments that use chemicals and acids. This treatment assists the skin in naturally repairing and rejuvenating functions.


The same ultrasonic technology used on the face can be used on the hands, neck, arms, and décolleté. The results are amazing!


Only £35 for a facial treatment!!

For a limited period only.

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