The Treatment Room

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Waxing & Threading

In our Treatment Room hygiene is extremely important to us, this is the reason for chosing the extremely effective PHD Waxing system. Wax is applied using an applicator that is fixed to the wax tube in front of the client, the wax is then applied to the client and the gate system on the waxing head ensures that no wax travels back inside the tube. This is disposed of after the treatment. This is the best and most hygienic waxing method available.


Threading is an ancient method of hair removal that removes hair from the root but without pulling the skin.  Threading is extremely effective and can remove hair that is extremely short which means that you have no unsightly re-growth, Threading is used for hair removal of the face (facial area, eyebrows, lip, chin).


Waxing and Threading Prices


Lip                             £7.50

Chin                          £7.50

Lip & Chin               £10.00

Eyebrow Tidy         £7.50        

Underarm                £8.50

Forearm                   £15.00

Full Arm                  £18.00

Bikini (sides only)  £8.50

1/2 leg                       £15.00

3/4 leg                      £17.00

Full leg                     £20.00




PLEASE NOTE THAT FOR 24 HOURS AFTER WAXING DO NOT USE FAKE TANNING, DEODORANTS, SUNBEDS, HOT SHOWERS, GYMS.  This will help to ensure you do not receive any unwanted side effects to waxing/threading